Monday, August 7, 2017

Corporate Meetings Are BORING

Corporate Meetings can also be a special way to reward your hard-working team for achieving greater levels of success and reaching new milestones. Establishing a special corporate meeting someplace that is highly desirable can be significant motivation for the team to drive themselves harder than in the past.

Just what location can be a huge motivator to get your team...MORE

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Reunion Cruising Made Easier

I absolutely love family group cruise vacations! I recently returned from a family group Caribbean cruise vacation and from start to finish everyone had a very good time. There was enough time together as a family and enough get away from the family time to make it a fantastic cruise. These are significantly better than the old school family reunions!

Now, at the start both a land reunion and a sea reunion are ...MORE

Saturday, August 6, 2016

NCL Getaway Cruise Review

Were we crazy to even consider sharing a cruise ship cabin for one week with two teenagers? Well, actually not. There were so many activity choices to do together or on each’s own that we all had a very good summer vacation on the Norwegian Getaway.

Now, being a combination of experienced cruisers and believers in Murphy’s Law, as always we made our plans to arrive in Miami the day before. Why take a chance of airline snafus and become stressed out on the way to your vacation or worse, run the chance that flight delays and cancellations could cause you to miss your long awaited getaway? We enjoy waking on sail away day and enjoying a relaxing, casual morning and taking our time making ...MORE

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Craft Beer Cruise

Having just completed a California Coastal Cruise and being one who enjoys trying new brews WHENEVER possible, I complied a list of some of the breweries that are an easy reach of the ports visited on this cruise. Some I was fortunate to visit and others I wish I had enough time to visit. The cruise itinerary that this works with is a 7-day cruise round trip from Los Angeles to San Francisco, Santa Barbara, San Diego, and Ensenada. Currently Princess cruise lines offers this itinerary and they have three craft beers sold on board; Sea Witch IPA, Denali Red Ale, and a Blonde which are all three quite good.

Most breweries do not open until 11:00 AM which for most ports does not leave a lot of time to sample but then again ...MORE

California Coastal Pt 5

One of the best aspects of a cruise vacation compared to a week stay at a resort hotel is that each morning you wake up somewhere new. Yesterday evening we sailed away from Santa Barbara and this morning when I wake up was are slowly cruising into San Diego harbor. Past the Navy submarine pens and around the bend heading straight for downtown.

Photo Album

The pier that the ship comes to faces the downtown San Diego area. Looking straight off the bow you can see the bustling morning traffic on Harbor drive and all the taxis and buses making their way through the check point to enter the pier. Just two piers to the south of us is the USS Midway museum. Growing up watching movies involving the Navy, the aircraft carriers of history ...MORE